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Valueprops.com: About Us

ValuePROPS.com is a product released by Kult InfoTech Private Limited, which has established itself in the Indian market as a company that is a pioneer in innovative technological solutions and a user-friendly interface. ValuePROPS has been developed with the vision that it will be India's first property bank, with the objective of gaining 50% of the market share by the year 2010. ValuePROPS is the first corporate solutions service for the real estate market, and will make buying, selling and leasing premises a customer service market that will cater to the needs of both buyers and sellers. ValuePROPS is a real estate company and a one-stop solution for any property needs! Whether the customer is an agent, professional, homemaker or NRI, ValuePROPS has something to offer everyone.

Innovative solutions

ValuePROPS manages its operations out of Chennai, and has developed the innovative Intelligent Search System (InSeS) to help make online real estate searches easier and more relevant and informative. The InSeS method comprises of data collected through exhaustive market searches and the unbeatable advantage of the company's real-time expertise in worldwide real estate markets. This ensures that ValuePROPS offers comprehensive solutions to every real estate need. Through the InSeS method, ValuePROPS ensures that value is maintained across transactions and that users can easily find the information they really need.

ValuePROPS is all about finding original and innovative solutions for real estate demands and requirements. These are just a few ways in which ValuePROPS has produced a unique system that will help its customers manage their needs like they've never been able to do before:

  • The first property bank to offer value added services to everyone
  • Path breaking technological infrastructure to ensure that clients find exactly what they're looking for
  • Real time services that offer a single stop solution for real estate needs

Why a property bank?

ValuePROPS is proud to present the concept of the property bank, which will make an immense difference to the way in which the real estate industry functions. Here are just a few reasons why the ValuePROPS property bank is a more comprehensive system than most real estate businesses.

Transparency: ValuePROPS is set up with complete transparency, which its clients can identify quickly and assuredly because it is based on a revenue sharing model .

Revenue Sharing: The revenue sharing model helps the company to function like a bank and share its income with its users and agents. This model ensures growth and profit maximization for everyone concerned.

Open commenting system: The ValuePROPS system offers an 'open commenting system' for every property listed on its online portal. This system allows users to upload comments for properties they have viewed, and makes it easier for other users to find helpful information quickly

Making older models obsolete: ValuePROPS' value based system will make the regular classified revenue model normally used in the real estate industry obsolete since it offers benefits for everyone.

Property franchise stores: ValuePROPS is the first company to ensure that its online portal is complemented efficiently by franchise stores that will allow Indian property buyers to walk in to a store and find property that they would like to buy, sell or rent. For more on ValuePROPS' chain of property stores, read on!

ValuePROPS Stores

ValuePROPS is proud to present a chain of property franchise stores across Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. The concept behind these operations is that property owners should be able to walk in to a fully equipped store and find properties as easily as they get a pair of shoes at a shoe store. At ValuePROPS franchise stores, customers will find a wealth of information at their fingertips. In addition to this, ValuePROPS staff includes friendly, knowledgeable customer care executives who are there to help customers identify and achieve their real estate needs.

Interactive forum

Much more than an online database, ValuePROPS.com offers an interactive forum where users can discuss their real estate interests and needs with others quickly and easily. Some of the advantages of being on ValuePROPS.com are:

  • Buy, sell or rent property online
  • Interact with other buyers, sellers and agents
  • Choose one's language on India's first multilingual real estate portal (three languages are currently available, and more will be featured soon)
  • Integrate one's real world needs with an efficient online system


ValuePROPS is India's first Retail Real Estate Company that has changed the landscape of Indian real estate with its innovative concepts and solutions. It has been conceived with a focus that is a first in the field that online real estate resources should be integrated completely with real world needs and available resources. This integration of the virtual and the real world is the only way in which customers can get the best value available to them when they want to buy, rent or sell property. Even at the online level, ValuePROPS offers much more than what one would expect from a real estate portal. Its property franchise stores ensure that customers get the best information and resources not just on the company's website, but also at their neighbourhood ValuePROPS store right in their city. ValuePROPS' strong online presence also ensures that customers can interact with other buyers, sellers and agents easily and inexpensively.

Genesis and Background

Kult InfoTech Private Limited is a start up company which is part of the online retail managed web-services space. The founder and CEO, Sumedh Reddy, has extensive experience in real world product management and marketing. He is a successful serial entrepreneur as well as a mentor for other firms, and co-founder of the online hotel booking portal Inasra.com.

The company's Advisory Board comprises of experts from varied backgrounds and fields, from Real-estate to Web & Mobile VAS to Finance. With an incomparable team of specialists from diverse fields, Kult InfoTech has consolidated the strengths and advantages of multifaceted domains to create integrated systems that combine the best of human resources and technological applications to give its clients the best in customer services. The brand that Kult InfoTech has created is synonymous with innovation, radical thinking, and new approaches that continue to evolve through its understanding and application of new ideas.

The ValuePROPS team currently manages operations in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. It will soon be establishing operations in other Indian cities as well. All three cities currently have a team of marketing agents headed by business development managers. At Chennai, ValuePROPS also has an extensive operations department as well as a technical team.